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  1. Do I need any licence in order to take part in the race?
    No, you do not need any license. However, participants with any license at all, they need to have a health certificate, in order to provide it during their receive their envelope to the secretary of the race.
  2. What is the process of registration so that my participation is valid?
    Through the website of the race, by completing the registration form and you will receive automatically the confirmation by the organization.
  3. What happens with ”early booking”?
    For registrations before 30th October, there is a 20% discount in the registration charges. For registrations before 31st December, there is a 10% discount in the registration charges.
  4. How do I add my bike in Aegean Airlines so that I can take advantage of the free transportation?
    The process of adding the bike in the system of AEGEAN AIRLINES is carried out by the organizer. You send the booking reference of your ticket (6 letters or numbers or both) and we add your bike. Do not expect to receive confirmation of the adding. However, you will receive a message from the organizer in case you have misspelled the booking reference and the Aegean Airlines can’t confirm your booking (your ticket). AEGEAN AIRLINES fly to Kos throught Athens International Airport, from more than 110 different Worldwide Airports. 
  5. How can I transfer to and from the airport?
    For your transportation to and from the airport or port, you may contact the travel agency Kos4all Tours & Travel Services. Mrs Poliniki is always eager to help you, by sending a message of interest to her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The official website is: http://www.kos4all.com
  6. Where can I buy spare parts for my bike or have service?
    The bike store “SERNIKOS Bike” and its experienced staff are always eager to serve you at the address of the store: Asklipiou 45 Kos, phone number +3022420-27117. It also provides services at the beginning of the races and on that Saturday in the entrance of the hotel Pelagos Suites and Spa Hotel from 16.00 to 18.00.
  7. Is there a ship discount? What do I need to know about the process?
    The official coastal sponsor is Blue Star Ferries, offering a 50% discount for the lines Piraeus- Kos, Rhodes-Kos, Chios-Piraeus-Kos, Lesbos-Piraeus-Kos, Leros-Piraeus-Kos, with return, for both participants and their escorts as well as their vehicles. Following is the description of the process: On-time statement of interest to the organizer including the full names of the passengers, departure and return dates, name of the port of departure, and number plate. After that, a code will be sent to you for the method of issuing and receiving the tickets.
  8. What is the policy concerning any charges or refunds in case of a cancellation?
    This is described in the “race regulations” page.
  9. How can I book a day trip on Sunday morning and still watch the race?
    The organization in collaboration with the travel agency Kos4all Tours & Travel Services, offers a day trip to the families of the participants that includes receiving the participants from the hotel and taking them to the starting area in Marina, Kos, so that they can watch the beginning of the race, touring them at the Asklepieion in Kos and finally taking them to watch the race at the finish area in Zia before returning them the hotel.
  10. How much does it cost and where can I pay the night tax?
    According to the article 53 of the law 4389/2016, people staying in a hotel should be charged with a night tax which depends of the class of the hotel. Regarding the race hotel the cost is 4€ p/p/n.
  11. Where can I find a trainer for my warm up before the time trial?
    In the start and finish area of the time trial the organizer provides 5 trainers for warm up, to whoever wishes it.
  12. Can I order the race’s kit? How much does it cost? Where can I take a look at the dimensions before placing my order?
    You can order only the top, or pants or if you wish, the whole set. The top costs 55€, the pants cost 65€ and the whole set costs 110€. The order is valid until 28th February. In the event of a delay in the receipt of the clothes (during the days of the race), the organizer sends them in his own charge.
  13. Does the organization offer free passes? How are they distributed?
    a) To participants that could not be qualified due to an accident b) To participants that honoured the organization with their presence in previous years
  14. Where can I see the results of the races?
    The results of the races will be available live on www.sportstiming.gr